Friday, June 9, 2017

We take a little trip...

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For the last 4 days Bill has been washing and waxing the coach (and Edith) and though we were all finished with our scheduled RV repairs, he found an area between the roof and the driver's side wall that had an open air pocket in the fiberglass which had cracked the paint noticeably. Upon having it inspected by the body techs, while still here, they discovered 4 other still unopened bubbles. Therefore, wanting to have it all taken care of before we go on the road, we are back on hold until next week to have these issues repaired before we leave.

Take a little trip, take a little trip
Take a little trip and see,
Take a little trip, take a little trip
Take a little trip with me.

('Low Rider' lyrics by War)
So yesterday, since the weather was so nice (69 degrees F, and barely a cloud in the sky), we decided to 'take a little trip' (like the lyrics of the song Low Rider by War)... to Buchanan, MI, which is home to Lowery's Meat Market, which we discovered on last year's trip to Michigan. It is a mixture of something like an old fashioned meat market and an Aldi's grocery store... with great prices on the meats and most other items. So much so that it is a shopping destination for people as far as 100 miles away. While there we met some ladies that had traveled from Ft. Wayne IN (107 miles away), and we had traveled 128 miles and found it worthwhile, even with Manley's Meats just 6 miles away right here in Decatur. Last year at Lowery's, Mary read the sign that said "Medium Eggs 25 cents EACH", so she said that she wasn't going to buy any... until we realized it meant 'each DOZEN'. This year they are 49 cents (per dozen)... but still a good buy. But the real attraction is the meats. They make their own Brats, (11 different varieties) which we both love and have not found any as good as at Lowery's, and at $29.90 for 10 lbs., they are a steal. That's just $2.99/lb; And last week they were just $27.90 for 10lbs. We bought over 40 pounds of meat for just about $80, which makes it about $2.07/lb. Check out the price list photos. 

"Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaat???" 50 cents a can... OMG!!!

"I don't believe it. A rack of proprietary spices and more selections than Wal-Mart."

American lamb is more valuable than Australian.

On the way back we stopped in at Menard's (Wal-Mart Super Center meets Lowe's) and bought a poker for the fire pit and a 2x12x48 treated lumber that we had cut into 4 - 12"x12" wooden pads for the coach's hydraulic jacks.
Arriving back at our coach in time for happy hour we met a very nice couple who had parked next to us during the day. They have a 2016 Expedition 38K, but still have a home near Batesville IN which is where we last came from (and where we got stuck... previous post). Though different models both coaches are Fleetwood and very similar, even as to the same issues, reason why we were both brought to REV for warranty service. They were unaware that their bed (same as ours) actually lifts up and has a storage space underneath it. They also had the same light infiltration (where bugs could have gotten in) in the same places as ours. One would think that if the factory did a better job of not letting these coaches out of the factory with as many issues, there would be far less customers having to be inconvenienced with having to bring them back to REV over and over again. Apparently these issues are created by the factory floor moving at a certain rate of speed, which at times leaves a particular station without enough time to complete their installation as proficiently as they could otherwise. Still we suppose that these extra costs are figured into the price, and accordingly it also gives a lot of REV employees job security. Thankfully Decatur is not the only Fleetwood service facility. They also have one in Alvarado TX, Coburg OR (North Central Oregon, near Eugene), and  Mesquite NV (opening soon), near the border with Arizona on I-15.
Today, Friday June 9th a mobile notary came by the motor home (at REV) to do Mary's closing of her house. The Buyers will do their closing at the title company on Monday June 12th and as of then we shall both be truly 'house-less', though not 'homeless', as this beautiful (even if we do say so ourselves) motor home is just that... our HOME that we take with us wherever we go...
See you at the next blog.

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  1. I'm so jealous! Looks like you're having a wonderful time. Gary and I are going on a road trip to upstate NY to visit a friend in August. I love all the pictures, I especially love the quaint ones of the small towns and local people. You're doing an awesome job.


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