Tuesday, June 27, 2017

June 26, 2017 Last Day in Wall, SD

Tomorrow we leave Wall, SD, headed for Southern Hills RV Campground near Hermosa. We were going to just stay at the coach and work on getting the blog finished (if we had Internet access), but instead we went back to Wall Drug to have a 5 cent cup of coffee and FREE Ice Water as these are the marketing ideas that started its success and has been continued. We added a donut, which are homemade there as well.

Along the sidewalk there are still the hitchin' posts to tie your horse while you shop.

 The Wall Drug CafĂ©
 The FREE Ice Water that Wall Drug is famous for...
And 5 cent coffee (in-house)... Its actually 59 cents for take-out.

One of the dining rooms
Mary getting ready to have her donut, 5 cent coffee and Free water at Wall Drug.   

And Bill too.

All along the walls of the restaurant are signs of brands like this one which also identify who the brand belonged to.  This one belonged to the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe (cattle or horses).
And by Exit 110 into Wall, when the Interstate Cleanup required removing all the billboards At one point, after Wall had become so popular with their sign, others followed suit and eventually with the intent to clean up the Interstate System, billboards were forbidden on the Interstate. Hence  Wall Drug put out this giant 80-foot dinosaur to let motorists see it and know their exit was coming up, which stands to this day. Eventually billboards were allowed again, and Wall Drug's sign came back up, but the dinosaur also remained, and like the Mile Marker 0 in Key West, it serves as a photo opportunity spot.
 Bill also wanted to re-take the photo with Mary flirting with the cow poke, which came out sort of blurred, but there was an old and handicapped guy just sitting on that bench and given his condition we didn't want to bother him by asking him to move. We waited about 10 minutes and he gave no sign of intending to move, so we opted to let her flirt with other wooden caricatures, instead. Personally Bill thinks that she should just have called the cops on the cowboy's girlfriend below (to get rid of her) as she obviously stole the boots, as they still have the price tag on them.  Oh... and Bill convinced Mary to get on that silly Jackalope for a photo, after having waited for all the other little kids to have their turn. :-)


Then we drove over to the  National Grassland Visitor Center in Wall...

Tomorrow we leave for Southern Hills RV Campground, so the next post may be in a few days, as the day after tomorrow we will just be shopping (in Rapid City) and then Thursday will be the first outing day.

See you with the next post. Happy trails... 

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