Tuesday, June 27, 2017

June 25 2017 - Badlands (Trip 3)

The thing about the Badlands is that no matter how many times one goes there, on what days or what the temperature or weather is like, it is never the same. It's like playing golf. There are too many variables... the lie is different, the wind is blowing from a different direction, at a different force, the grass is wetter or drier, etc. Likewise the terrain seems different in the Badlands (or any other such place we suspect). This is the third day we have gone there and we were taking pictures like it was our first day, because it all seemed brand new.

The only difference about this day's activity was the hiking trail. All the previous trails were 'Easy', whereas this one was 'Moderate-Hard' including uneven ground, ascents up to 144' and a log ladder about 100' high (which we both passed on when we got there.)

So here are a few more photos....

The Wall Drug Signs along I-90...

Our Arrow Campground...
  And our campsite (with some neighbors)

Another Mountain Blue Bird.
The Notch Trail. Ranked #5 on Trip Advisor is a short 1.5 miles (RT) but is rated
Average-Difficult Level due to steep inclines, narrow ledges with drop offs, and a log
ladder rising about 100 feet high. From the top one can see the White River Valley...
but the log ladder stopped us and we never got to the top.


 Still, Bill just had to go rock climbing ... because all the other kids were doing so.


These American Cliff Swallows were found on our hike, flying in a flash into these nests with tiny openings on the side of these hills, tucking in their wings at the last minute. These  tidy well constructed nests are made of mud that they collect with their beaks.

Tomorrow we will probably just hang around the coach, get ready to leave on Tuesday and finish these blogs, as we don't always have Internet access.

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