Friday, July 29, 2016

July 29, 2016 - Future Posts of this Blog

As promised this next post is from here in the Thousand Trails' Snowflower CG in Emigrant Gap, California. What promised to be a very nice and relaxing two-weeks here has turned into a nightmare. NOTHING that was advertised and promised when we checked on this CG was as stated. Actually, when we first inquired into it the CG was CLOSED, but while checking again for CGs while in Wyoming, we saw that it was again reopened, so we made reservations. SURPRISE!!! NO sewer, No satellite access (due to so many trees around), NO individual campsites with an area for sitting and BBQing (actually one is only permitted to BBQ with GAS, and all we have is charcoal). And worst of all... NO Wi-Fi ACCESS. They say that they have Wi-Fi access IF you take your computer to the Lodge, but even at the Lodge, using their Wi-Fi, the service is so slow that we would rather have Dial-up (if you remember what that was.) Then again, perhaps the other worst of all is the fact that the only campsites that can accommodate a 41 foot diesel pusher is located on an all-asphalt parking lot. Another PARKING LOT!! After having spent all that time in the parking lot at Lone Star RV in Harker Heights in Texas, we have been looking forward to no more parking lots, so what do we get here? ANOTHER parking lot, which with NO sewer, ONLY 30 Amp electric service, and NO TV, NO Satellite and NO Wi-Fi or phone service for either of us, our reservation of 14 days is being cut back to leave as soon as we decide where else to go to, where we can have phone service, Wi-Fi, and a decent campsite as a minimum.

The reason they were closed for awhile is that they had water issues. Since then however, the Manager and most of the employees have quit and currently there are only a handful of employees left. So bad is it that they do not even assign a campsite to members, but let you pick your own and thus many large motorhome spaces are taken up by little trailers, making it even more difficult for big rigs. Some people even park their cars in the campsite next to them to give themselves more room between themselves and the next RV, and since the management does not know where anyone is, nothing is done about it. On a scale of 1 - 10, this campground would rate about a 0.5, which is a real shame because it has the potential to be a very nice CG, if it were designed appropriately and well managed.

We have completed the previous posts from Wyoming during all the time that we were without phone and Wi-Fi/My-Fi service and published them from our exodus from Texas on July 12 through the present. However, due to all this time without Wi-Fi or My-Fi (i.e. without Internet available at the campsite) it is very time consuming and difficult to try to catch up posts for the blog (especially with photos to be resized and uploaded). Therefore if this rash of Wi-Fi unavailability continues to plague us, we will be forfeiting publishing posts for those dates when we do not have Internet connection.  So, if you notice that days or even weeks go by with no posts to the blog, we are probably incommunicado again. As soon as we do get Wi-Fi access at our campsite, we will again start to post as of that time only. We apologize for this inconvenience, as we shall be as frustrated by it as you.

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