Friday, July 29, 2016

July 21 - Exploring Seedskadee Wildlife Refuge, 37 miles NW of Green River

July 21 – Today we decided to explore the Seedskadee Wildlife Refuge nearby in search of additional wildlife we may have missed elsewhere. There we had a beautiful day exploring the area and catching White Pelicans, Trumpeter Swans, our own Sand Hill Cranes, Ospreys, a Bald Eagle, Red Tailed Hawks (adults and young ones), a Blue Heron, deer and many other birds, some of which can be seen in our photos.  One thing that seemed very out of place in Seedskadee is that it is a Wetland Wildlife Refuge, in the midst of the high desert of Wyoming.  It runs along the Green River, but within 100 Yards or so of the river, it looks as if it has not rained in months and yet there is the green of the wetlands and abundant numbers of water fowl and shore birds. The only real negative about all this breathtaking beauty is that the bugs (mostly flies the size of bumble bees) just don’t leave you alone, always buzzing around us and wanting to land on us. Some even bite.

Blue Heron

Mama Duck and Babies


Not sure what bird this is...

    Young Peregrine Falcon

Young Peregrine Falcon (flying off)

   Black and White Puffin

Trumpeter Swan Mom, Dad and 2 Babies

Pretty White Wildflowers

      Yellow-Headed Blackbird

Howdy Partner!

     Pair of Sand Hill Cranes.

Pretty Yellow Wildflowers

White Pelican

Trumpeter Swan Family (again)

Bald Eagle (male) at a distance of about 1200 yds.


More White Pelicans

This is a FLY, but the size of a Bee. They are a real nuisance when hiking.

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