Friday, July 29, 2016

July 22 - 23 - Green River, Rock Springs and Lost Dog

July 22 – We went into Green River and Rock Springs to get some wine and shopping at Walmart. On the way out we found some coupons on Edith for Pizza ($5.00 for a large pepperoni), and since they were located right there we opted to just take two pizzas with us for dinner and perhaps lunch the next day. On the drive back to the RV we noticed a sign which said Lost Dog with an arrow pointing at a dirt road. Not knowing what discovery we might make, and taking advantage of the fact that Edith was already dirty from previous excursions, we took the road for about 20 miles, finding nothing. The road continued but we did not know for how long, so we chose not to continue any longer. We were able to spot three antelope on a hillside which offered a great silhouette shot on the ridge of the hillside. Later we found out that “Lost Dog” (unknown name origin) is a road that leads to the edge of yet another lake. There are hundreds of lakes in the area, in addition to the reservoir.

July 23 – We stayed in camp preparing to leave the next day and washing clothes as the next 3 nights would be with electric only at a National Forest campground and the following 3 days would be dry camping as we travel from our Lucerne campground, through Salt Lake City (dry camping on the Salt Lake Flats), and Nevada to Snowflower, our first Thousand Trails campground in Emigrant Gap, California. We also spent some time playing with our resident bunnies and observing an Osprey nest with a Daddy, Mommy and two young ones still in the nest being fed.


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