Friday, July 29, 2016

July 26 - 27, 2016 - Getting ready to Break Camp and relocate to California, dry camping for 3 days

July 26 – As we are leaving tomorrow and will be gone for three days of dry-camping before reaching our Snowflower CG in Emigrant Gap Ca., and because we have had several active and productive days (not to mention that it has been dreary, cloudy and a little rainy) we stayed at home relaxing and watching the fabulous water views we have from our coach’s front and side windows. Mary sat outside under the awning, drinking her coffee and taking photos of chipmunks and the elusive ground squirrels (same color as our Floridian ones but these live in holes in the ground instead of in the trees.) She also baited them with some peanuts, but soon found out how ingenious ants can be, as these guys took the nuts away before the squirrels could find them. At about 1:00pm a sudden wind storm blew through so violently that we had to close all the slides and lower the coach from the hydraulic jacks, as we were getting knocked from side to side with each wind gust. The wind was so strong (34mph steady with gusts of up to 55mph) that it was hard to open and then close the door and the chairs were getting blown under the coach. All in all though, we shall miss this campground, even though we were unable to connect to water and sewer at the campsite, as the views have been fabulous. Tomorrow we shall disconnect from the electric hook-up, empty our holding tanks and fill up the water tank at the campground central facility and head out toward Emigrant Gap in California, a 3 night trip taking it easy, as our reservation there is not until July 30th.
 A sweet chipmunk... NOT Alvin. 
 Mary put out nuts to try to lure the elusive ground squirrels for a photo,
but the ants carted them off before the squirrels could see them.  
Peek-a boo! CAUGHT! as it peeks out of its ground hole home.
See the flying windsock to see how hard the wind was blowing. Several people camping in tents lost their tents or suffered extensive damage to them.

Our next blog post shall be from Emigrant Gap in California, next week, as that CG has free wifi.

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