Thursday, November 17, 2016

November 15 - 16, 2016 - Our 1st Year Anniversary

On November 14th Bill had to let the cat out of the bag, as Mary needed to know what to pack for our Anniversary outing, but it was still a surprise. We drove to the house on the 14th because we needed to clean the house of all the dead bugs, preparing for the visit from the Termite Inspector coming on the morning of the 15th. So we spent the night there and then showered before our 'date' and drove to the Lakeside Inn in Mount Dora.

The Lakeside Inn is an old, old hotel dating back to 1883 and famous people such as President Calvin Coolidge have stayed there. Bill had pre-arranged for a special room having told management the story of our meeting there a year ago and returning to celebrate our 1st Year Anniversary, so we got a delightful room on the upper floor with a view of the main lawn, pool, beach and lake. They also included a complimentary bottle of wine normally given to returning hotel guests. The room was B-U-T-ful to say the least, and so romantic.

 Views from our room.

We took a walk on the dock and watched the sunset. While there we met a couple who offered to take our photo, and we told them that we had met there a year ago to the day and were celebrating our 1st year together. The confided that it was their first date as well and hoped to return next year to also celebrate their year anniversary. From that conversation a woman passing by (by herself) overheard the conversation about our story and wished us well. One thing led to another and we had a wonderful dialog with her about finding that "special someone." She too has been on dating sites but has not found the right someone yet. We are glad that we have.



This picture was taken by the couple who were on their first date.

This is the couple who took our picture, just after taking our picture... and a half hour later, inspired by the sunset. They may well be back next year to celebrate their first anniversary also. We wish them much luck.
 The sunset was spectacular.
After the dock we picked up our complimentary bottle of wine (and two glasses) and sat on the rockers out on the porch, as we had done on our first date, enjoying the wine and talking with a wonderful view of the lake and its cool breeze.

After that, as we had done on our first date, we went to Pisces Rising restaurant for dinner. The meal (as always) was very good, but unlike our first date the waiter knocked over Bill's water glass and got Bill's pants all wet. He apologized but did not even offer a towel or anything. Mary wanted to speak to the 'Manager' but he did not seem upset by it either and just said he was sorry. So after 3-4 glasses of wine we left with her telling off the Manager. She is so cute when she gets pissed off (especially if she is slightly drunk).

The next day we had breakfast at Perkins and then went back to the house to put the bike rack and bicycles on the car  and then went back to TT Orlando.

Anniversary #2 will be even more special.  

NEXT BLOG POST:  TT Three Flags in Wildwood FL

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