Monday, May 9, 2016

Oooops! Our scheduled trip out West is nowTEMP on HOLD due to an accident. Not our fault!

Our continuing saga of problems with this Thor Challenger 37LX has led us to start considering swapping to another RV. Don't get me wrong, we are aware that every new RV has its share of problems, but this one has had its fair share and then some; and mostly it is that some of the problems seem un-diagnosable and unable to be fixed. It has already been through four (4) Thor dealers' service departments and still has unresolved problems with the hydraulic jacks and some electrical issues. So, having lost use of our wipers (for the third time) in the middle of a rain storm arriving at Lake Medina, near San Antonio, we called Thor Warranty and were directed to Lone Star RV Center in Harker Heights (180 miles away) near Ft. Hood/Killeen, TX, to be attended to right away. Thor had overnighted a complete new windshield wiper assembly to them, which they replaced to our satisfaction. However, while addressing the other issue (like jacks not working on Automatic and electrical charging being a hit and miss). Thor kept overnighting them new parts (one daily for 4 days) but these only partially helped yet did not fix the problems. We have spent the last week (yes, exactly 7 days today) at Lone Star RV Center semi-dry camping in their parking lot. They have been very nice and accommodating to us, hooking us up to 50Amp electrical service and connecting us with potable water. Only the grey and black water tanks need to be dumped, as needed when they fill up. So, it was in light of all these experiences that we had already pretty much come to the decision to start to look at other coaches, considering trading out of this brand new gas coach for another, and opting to get a diesel pusher instead. We went on Saturday to look at some at Motor Home Specialists RV ( in Alvarado, TX (about 116 miles away) and found a Thor Palazzo 35.1 model we liked and can afford to trade up to. It would be a trade down from 1-1/12 baths to a single bath, and that bath is rather small, but all else suits us to what we like that this coach does not have. Anyway, then we drove back to our Lone Star RV Center digs. On Sunday (yesterday) with one head being about 90% full and the other about 50% full (not bad for 7 days use), found an Army Corps of Engineers Park that had dump facilities with rinse water available about 10 miles away, so we closed up our home and proceeded to that end. On the way back, getting ready to turn right with a sharp curve on the opposing traffic lane of traffic, (plus a light rain falling), there was an old woman driving a 2007 Hyundai, who admitted that she felt the curve was too closed and no doubt surprised by the large motor home on the opposite side of the road, she braked too hard to slow herself down and lost control of her car, hydroplaning and swerving as she crashed into our mid section. I tried to move over out of her way but was faced with a 'close curve' sign and a dropping shoulder on my right, so I was unable to get out of her way. The damage is quite extensive as it took out 4 basement doors and the wheel well (no info yet as to whether the wheel's alignment was affected). We called in the claim this morning and found out that the lady had already opened a claim, and she was the driver ticketed, so it was clearly all on her. So we now have to hang out around here waiting for the repairs to our coach, which they estimate could take about 20-30 days. The good news is that :1) No one was hurt, 2) It can be fixed, 3) We were already staying a Thor authorized RV Center, capable of doing body/paint work to repair it, and 4) As for the past week and for most of the time it takes to fix it, we can stay in our coach, hooked up to 50Amp service and with potable water connected. THE BAD NEWS: Last night  (after the accident) we found out that there was no need to go dump our tanks anywhere else, as they have a dump available right here. Oh well, we understand this to mean that EITHER we were meant to be there to keep the woman from rolling her car or crashing into God knows what else and dying or being seriously hurt... OR that we are not supposed to have proceeded with our trip yet. All the same, it is now clear to us that we need to swap out of this coach once our motorhome is fixed, and we will probably trade it in for a diesel pusher.

So that's the skinny on our last week's activities and pretty much on what we shall be doing for the next 3-4 weeks. More to follow as our news updates. Here are some photos of the accident, the damage and our current location.

The accident...

 And current digs...

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  1. Glad nobody was hurt but it stinks that it happened. You wanted adventure, you got it!


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