Saturday, April 30, 2016

As of April 25th - At Lake Medina and San Antonio, Texas

Here are some photos from Mary’s input on the April 24, 2016 posting, of the Texas A&M ‘Muster’ Reunion of the Villages Texas A&M Club, and of our stay in Wildwood while our coach was getting last minute warranty work done to it:


April 30, 2016

After a few eventualities, such as losing our wiper function in the middle of a pouring rainstorm on I-10, we managed to make it safely to the Thousand Trails Lake Medina RV Campground in Lakehills, TX by April 26th, where we will be until May 2, 2016... so far. Alternatively we may need to rearrange our itinerary as we are working with the RV manufacturer to find us a dealer that will make the necessary repairs of the wipers and hydraulic jacks ASAP. 
This campground is on the middle edge of Medina Lake (Reservoir) with beautiful lakeside views in the Texas hill country just outside of San Antonio. Here the local deer (mostly does though we did spot a few young 2 and 4 point bucks) wander freely around the campsites and even let the campers feed and even pet them when they feel at ease with someone.

On April27 we drove into San Antonio where we visited the Alamo and had lunch at a restaurant along the River Walk. The Alamo is a bit of a disappointment being surrounded by so many tall and modern buildings, but the history of what happened there is wonderful. In 1836, 189 defenders  died at the Alamo fighting the Mexican Army under the General Santa Ana. There is another ‘Alamo’ (a movie set and tourist attraction called ‘Alamo Village’) north of Brackettville TX (about 100+ miles away from the real one), which some say is more realistic of what the Alamo was really like. It was the first movie set built in Texas, originally constructed for and best known as the setting for ‘The Alamo’ (a 1960 movie directed by and starring John Wayne, as Davy Crocket, and other great actors like Richard Widmark, Lawrence Harvey and Frankie Avalon. Due to the distance, however, we did not go there, settling for the historical evidence instead. About a third of a mile away and almost across the street is another famous San Antonio landmark, River Walk. It is a beautiful and refreshing network of walkways along the banks of the San Antonio River, one story beneath the streets of downtown San Antonio, lined with restaurants, hotels and even a CVS store. Naturally we had a Mexican lunch. 
The rest of the time we spent at the campground hiking various trails and feeding the deer, as well as taking a bottle of wine and our cameras to the water’s edge to witness beautiful sunsets and observe the local wildlife.
Last night we had a fierce thunderstorm from a system which caused 5 deaths in Palestine TX, due to flooding, but for the record, it just grazed us here in Lake Medina with the outer edges of the storm literally passing within 5 miles of us, according to the radar, and really did not affect us any, other than giving us a chorus of thunder and pouring hard rain, which sounded wonderfully soothing on the fiberglass roof of the RV.
Here are some photos of our stay at the
Thousand Trails Lake Medina Campground
on Medina Lake in Lakehills, TX:


And of our visit to San Antonio (The Alamo and River Walk):

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