Thursday, March 29, 2018

2018 MARCH - TT Medina Lake TX (Mar 3-24)

WEEK 1:  We opted to stay here for 3 weeks to have added time to relax and catch up with reorganizing the storage compartments of the coach and do some Spring cleaning. Also, in the leaflets they give you upon registration, they let everyone know that there is a "Flea Market" at the Pavilion every Saturday between 10:00AM and 5:00PM. So we went to the office to ask how it is set up (if we have to take our own tables or if there are already there, and if we have to register for it or not, etc.) The office staff said that she knows that they do have one every Saturday but that we should call the Recreation Director, at the phone number listed in the contacts (above). We called 3x during the day and the phone rang off the wall (over 30 rings) with no one answering it. On Saturday we showed up at the Pavilion with all our goodies For Sale, and absolutely no one was there, other than a little old lady who also showed up for the 'Flea Market" and was most perturbed that no one showed up for it.  Later a staff member came by and we told her about the phone calls to the Recreation Director's phone which were not answered, so she called it herself and (again) the phone rang off the wall with no answer. So next project was to put in ads on craigslist to try to sell the things that we have accumulated as a consequence of the changes we have made, like needing to upgrade our tow bar from our last one (6,000 lb. rating) to the new one (10,000 lb rating) as the new F150 pickup truck plus Decking, Topper and camping gear weighs over 6,000 lbs. The new one also comes with a cross bar (no other way to get it without it), which we don't need, so we now have that to see as well, as it is worth about $100. Good news! The old tow bar, plus the receiver 8" hi/lo adjuster both sold in a matter of days.

During this down time we also made up and started our RV CAMPGROUND REVIEW web site...  Check it out if you would like.

Bill is also setting up a website ( for our Dual Polymer (Waterless Wash, Polish & Protect) Distributorship. Many campgrounds do not allow campers to wash their cars/trucks or RVs at the campground, and RVs are not suitable for running through a commercial tractor-trailer truck wash, so keeping the vehicles and RVs clean and protected is a difficult task to accomplish. However, there is a product that can wash and polish your vehicles without even having to rinse the dust of your car first. Just spray it on to cover the entire vehicle, and then just wipe it off with a soft terry cloth towel and then buff it with a microfiber cloth. The result is a clean and shiny vehicle with a protective coating that act like Rain-X on glass.

We got into distributing this product out of necessity. We came across a Distributor of this Dual Polymer System who was using this wash system on his own car and RV, while we were parked across from him at the Three Flags campground in Wildwood, FL last year. He offered to sell me a bottle of it, but as Three Flags allowed washing a rig, we had just washed, waxed and polished our coach, so we passed on it, figuring that when we were ready to do our rig again, we would just look for another distributor to get it from. However, no matter how many campgrounds we looked for someone selling the Dual Polymer System, we could not find a single distributor anywhere around.  So, convinced of the value of this system for the RV consumer, even in campgrounds where it is not allowed  (with water), we decided to become a Distributor, not to mention that we can also get the products for 1/2 price. For exercise Bill is considering even doing clean-up work, as a wash & polish job can pay as much as $250-$300 for a day's work. : )

We also got a Square POS system to be able to take credit card payments for on-site sales as well as for online or phone repeat sales.

WEEK 2:  While in Florida, after 3 years of complaining of knee pain in Bill’s left knee his VA Doctor finally agreed to have an MRI done, as every year the X-rays only showed mild arthritis. However, they were unable to schedule an MRI before we left FL. So we planned to have it done in San Antonio shortly after getting to TT Medina Lake (just outside SA), and thanks to a very efficient San Antonio Traveling Vet Coordinator (TVC) ‘Nurse Betty’, we were able to get it done just a few days after getting to the area. Then in our second week we were contacted by Nurse Ruth Davis (FL Traveling Vet Coordinator) who told us the results of my MRI ... 2 tears on Meniscus (left knee). This required him to be seen by an Orthopedic specialist to determine what kind of surgery may be needed and how/who to do it. Unfortunately there was no time to be seen in San Antonio, so she checked with Bill’s Dr. to see if he would request an appointment for Bill in Prescott AZ VAMC as we shall be there for extended period of about 3-4 weeks, April 19 to May 10-17.  

WEEK 3: Mary's friend and former co-worker (from SunTrust) Darci and her husband Cary had moved to San Antonio last year when Darci accepted a job at USAA.  Mary and Darci had been texting each other since Mary's birthday in December and were looking forward to seeing each other for the first time in a couple of years.  Darci and Cary wanted to see how full-time RV'ers live and what our home looks like in real life, up close and personal.  They spent Sunday afternoon with us catching up and sharing future plans.  All in all a great time was had by all.      

The rest of Week 3 was spent mostly doing Costco, Specs (liquor), etc runs in preparation of our move to AZ, and washing and polishing the coach and truck with our new Waterless washing system, which we are now Distributors of, and also feeding the deer and wild turkeys.
 Mary's friends, Darci and Cary, who now live in San Antonio TX
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