Friday, November 10, 2017

Nov 5- Nov 8, 2017 The road back to Florida

Nov 5 to Nov 8, 2017 – Conroe TX to Wildwood FL
We already had doctor appointments in Florida this year so we decided to keep them and by next year we can decide if we want to keep coming back to Florida to winter or find a new winter home in Arizona where we can have a head start to go Northwest in the Spring. So for this year we headed back to TT Three Flags RV Resort in Wildwood, Florida where we will be Nov 8 -29, 2017.

Day 1 – We bypassed Houston driving FM2432 to Hwy 105 to SR 96 through Beaumont TX to take I-10 East to Louisiana (245 miles) and stopped to spend the night at the Atchafalaya Louisiana Welcome Center on MM 121 on I-10 East. This was an excellent secured (allowed) overnight stay where given the excellent spaces we were able to open our bedroom slide and sleep comfortably. Next to our site there was even a small grassed/treed island so we even put out two chairs a side table and had Happy Hour.  

Day 2 – We drove on I-10 another 365 miles to the Crestview FL Rest Area at MM 60, stopping for a rest stop at the Mississippi Welcome Center on MM2, next to the Lunar Lander Exhibit and the Infinity Science Center, just south of the John C. Stennis Space Center (NASA). At the Crestview FL Rest Area we were again able to get a good site which allowed us to open our bedroom slide and sleep comfortably. After replacing all our (house) batteries in South Dallas Freightliner (Oct 12-17) the EMS has been working like a charm. With our batteries charged up by 6pm they last us all night on the inverter, and though it was only needed once on this night, when need the generator it simply auto starts and auto stops when the A/C demand is called and satisfied. Technology is wonderful… when it works.

 The RV and Edith2 at our first Rest Area on MM121 on I-10 at Atchafalaya in Louisiana.
 Crossing the Mississippi and Alabama State lines...
 through the
 I-10 tunnel in Mobile Bay
 to the
 Battleship Memorial Park
 where the USS Alabama
 is berthed.
 This was noticed on I-10 apparently going to a flea market.
 And finally crossing the Florida State line.
 Here at our 2nd overnight stop at the Crestview Rest Area (MM60) with an island
on our Passenger side which allowed us to again open our bedroom slide
to sleep more comfortably. As we got there early in the afternoon,
we also set up chairs and had Happy Hour there.
 At sunset the sky was spectacular...

Day 3 – We drove on another 326 miles (I-10 to I-75) to the Marion County  Rest Area on MM346, I-75. Here we were not as lucky as to a site. The only sites available was a straight truck site. Unfortunately, the next morning we noticed that now they have another section which is selectively just for RVs (trailers, fivers and class As) where we might have found a better site. However, though we could not open our slides this night, we spent a good night only 18 miles from our next campground reservation for Nov 8th at Thousand Trails Three Flags RV Resort in Wildwood, FL.

DAY 4 – Eighteen miles (20 minutes) to the campground and 3-hours to set up as we will be here for 21 days. Happy Hour came early at 3:08pm.  


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  1. Looks great! We've made this drive several times and I feel like it's always raining... I'm glad you fared better. We love the sunset shots!


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