Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Last Minute Outfitting

We took both the motor home and "Edith" (Mary's Ford Explorer) to LazyDays RV Center in Tampa to finish putting on all the featurs that will make the trips more pleasurable and safe... things like the tow plates on 'Edith', the Brake Buddy Stealth auxiliary braking system (to keep Edith behind us, instead of pushing us while on a down-slope in the mountains), a portable and interchangeable macerator for the heads, vent covers to allow us to leave the vents open (to ventilate the interior without rain coming in), etc. We opted against getting Satellite TV for now until seeing how much we might actually miss it, if at all, as with the UHF/VHF antenna we can always get as many as 58 (so far) channels from within 40 miles away. Edith was done in 2 days so we returned to the house leaving the motor home there until after Easter. It is now March 29th and we are still awaiting the call that we can go pick up the motor home. But as they say... "Good things come to those who wait, so we'll wait.
Here are some photos of this part of our preparing the motorhome and Toad. (PS 'Toad' is what/how the 'towed' vehicle is referred to. 


Speaking of "Edith" here's how 'she' came to her name. During Mary's previous trip out West, in the Fall of 2015 with her new 2015 Ford Explorer as her recreational vehicle of choice while travelling alone, she spent so much time on the road talking to the car (so as not to say that she was talking to herself) that she wanted to find a name for her car to make the conversation more personal. Then, at the Pioneer Homestead in South Dakota, she read about this pioneer woman named Edith Eudora (Ammons) Kohl, featured in the book "Land of the Burnt Thigh" (1938, reprinted St. Paul Minnesota Historical Society, 1986)who along with her sister (Ida Mary Ammons) were Explorers of the West... so Edith became the chosen name. Happily, though 'Edith' will travel with us as well (as a Toad), Mary's new recreational vehicle is slightly bigger and more comfortable.      

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